Bank of Maldives Launches BML Fehi Project

Bank of Maldives has introduced the ‘BML Fehi Project’ to plant 50,000 trees annually across the country. The project, which will run for 5 years, was launched as part of the series of 12 high impact monthly community initiatives to celebrate the Bank’s 40th anniversary in November.

Each year, five islands will be selected to receive 10,000 plants, sourced from local nurseries, to reforest and rejuvenate island land spaces that have been identified for greening. The BML Fehi Project will help to accelerate the much-needed establishment of healthy vegetation on islands while simultaneously creating positive social impact for communities. Reforestation will also provide the added benefits of preventing soil erosion, reducing temperatures, offsetting carbon emissions and ultimately providing a healthier climate. 

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BML’s CEO and Managing Director, Tim Sawyer commented, “We all have a responsibility to safeguard the environment not just for ourselves but for future generations. The Fehi Project will help with efforts in reforesting islands, decreasing our carbon footprint and introducing pleasant social spaces across the country.  We look forward to working with Island Councils and supporting local nurseries to make a viable, real difference to islands and communities.”

The BML Fehi Project is open exclusively for Island and City Councils. Application forms can be emailed to before 11:59pm, 20th July 2022.

For more details on the application and eligibility process, visit

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