Beond Launches Inaugural Flights to Maldives from Key Global Hubs

Beond has announced the successful initiation of inaugural flights to the Maldives from key international hubs, including Riyadh, Munich, and Zurich.

Guests were treated to an unparalleled experience of opulence and comfort as they embarked on their journey, seamlessly combining the airline’s private jet-like experience with the breathtaking beauty of the Maldivian archipelago.

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Tero Taskila, CEO and Chairman of Beond stated, “Our initial flights to the Maldives from Riyadh, Munich, and Zurich underscore our dedication to delivering the highest standards of premium luxury travel. We take pride in offering our guests an exquisite journey that starts when they board.”

Taskila added: “We express our gratitude to the Maldives government and our supporters, the Maldives Civil Aviation Authority and SIMDI Group, for their unwavering conviction in our vision to establish a new airline in the Maldives.”

From the Arabian Peninsula to the cultural hub of Germany and the financial centre of Switzerland, Beond now establishes direct connections from these influential cities to the Maldives.

Beond expands its services to new destinations, maintaining a commitment to delivering a premium travel experience. The achievement of successful inaugural flights to the Maldives from Riyadh, Munich, and Zurich reflects Beond’s ambition to establish itself as a leader in luxury aviation. Service from Dubai and Milan is scheduled to commence in Spring 2024, and tickets can be booked through their website,

Beond’s first aircraft was an Airbus A319, seating 44 passengers in a luxurious all-lay-flat configuration. The airline will bring passengers from Europe, the Middle East, and Asia-Pacific to Maldives.

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