BML Aharenge Bank community fund supports the development of children’s park in B. Kihaadhoo

Bank of Maldives (BML) has supported the development of a children’s park in B. Kihaadhoo under its Aharenge Bank Community Fund.

The development project is one of the 5 proposals selected by BML’s Aharenge Bank Community Fund for this quarter.

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The children’s park in B. Kihaadhoo is a space that provides opportunities for children to be physically active, play and interact with other children outdoors.

“We are happy to support Kihaadhoo Development Society (KiDS) vision of building a well-equipped Children’s Park on the island,” the bank stated in a Facebook post.

KiDs also took a step towards sustainability with the installation of self-powered solar lights at the park, making the space more environment-friendly.

Bank of Maldives’s ‘Aharange Bank’ initiative selects proposals sent by individuals that improve the community spirit, provides social opportunities and promotes sustainability.

Five projects are selected in each quarter where MVR 50, 000 is allocated to in the areas of education, environment, sports and community development.

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