Bunkering Services to be Launched in Laamu Atoll Gaadhoo

Photo: MPL

Maldives Ports Limited (MPL) CEO, Mohamed Wajeeh Ibrahim, has unveiled plans to introduce bunkering services in Laamu Atoll Gaadhoo.

A ceremony was held on Thursday to sign an agreement with China’s CAMCE to develop a maritime hub in Gaadhoo, initiating the bunkering services project during President Dr Mohamed Muizzu’s ongoing trip to the atoll.

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Wajeeh stated that this project, among other initiatives in President Dr Muizzu’s economic agenda, signals a focused effort to boost the nation’s economy. He highlighted the untapped potential of the Maldives’ strategic geographical location.

MPL’s CEO reiterated the commitment to expedite the construction of three ports across the country, ensuring completion before the end of President Dr Muizzu’s term.

Detailing the Gaadhoo Maritime Hub, Wajeeh outlined its components aimed at enhancing economic activities:

  • Off-shore Bunkering: Providing bunkering services to vessels promises financial gains, leveraging the country’s maritime position.
  • Cruise Terminal: Addressing the absence of a dedicated terminal, the project aims to cater to passenger liners and integrate amenities.
  • Super Yacht Marina: Recognizing the demand for yacht services, the hub will accommodate super yachts, filling an infrastructure gap.
  • Eco-Resort: An eco-friendly resort will be established, alongside turtle conservation efforts.
  • Storage Facility: Arrangements will be made for food item storage, ensuring operational efficiency.
  • Transshipment Port: The project envisions a transshipment port to capitalize on transactions within Maldivian waters.

Wajeeh disclosed MPL’s proactive marketing efforts to attract clientele and highlighted the project’s potential to generate employment opportunities for the youth of Laamu Atoll.

The bunkering services initiative in Gaadhoo aims to foster sustainable growth and prosperity in the Maldives.

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