Canned tuna will be abundantly available during the upcoming Ramadan

(Photo: Sun)

Maldives Industrial Fisheries Company (MIFCO) has announced that canned tuna will be readily available and in abundance during the upcoming ramadan.

In a press conference held by MIFCO, the company’s managing director, Adlee Ismail stated that their stock of canned tuna will suffice until the end of ramadan 2018.

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“We have always received complaints that there is not enough canned tuna for the customers. To address this issue, we have stocked enough canned tuna such that we will not run out even if we sell 1,000 cans each day.”

Adlee added that MIFCO plans on introducing new products to the market during this year’s ramadan as well. The company will announce additional details during the upcoming weeks.

MIFCO has recently introduced a new product called “flakes”, which is a cheaper fish can brand.


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