Certain Development Projects Being Carried Out Against Regulations: EPA

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has stated that certain development projects are being carried out against environmental regulations.

EPA issued a statement on Thursday amid criticism of the agency for ordering the suspension of construction of two harbours in Addu City. EPA has not publicly revealed the reason for the suspension of the projects.

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EPA noted in its statement that some entities do not regularly submit the monitoring reports required to be submitted to EPA to identify the environmental impact of developmental projects.

Furthermore, the permits issued by the agency to carry out projects require that the agency is notified of the project commencement date in writing. However, the provision is not followed by some entities, according to EPA.

The statement by EPA also expressed concern that some projects are being carried out despite climate warnings.

EPA urged those carrying out such development projects to do so in accordance with the permits issued by the agency, in order to minimise the damage caused to the environment.

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