Changes Implemented in State-Owned Enterprises Board of Directors

Changes have been implemented in the composition of the boards of directors of several state-owned enterprises (SOEs). On Friday, the Privatization and Corporatization Board (PCB) announced that adjustments had been made to Urbanco, STELCO, STO, and Aasandha boards.

Specifically, the board of directors of Urbanco, previously consisting of eight members, has been dissolved. A new six-member board has been appointed, including:

  1. Arif Abdul Samad
  2. Mohamed Visham
  3. Ula Mohamed Rasheed
  4. Ibrahim Yousuf Fulhu
  5. Azhar Abdulla Saeed
  6. Mohamed Waheed
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In addition, Hamid Nasheed has been dismissed from the position of STO’s chairperson, and Amir Mansoor has been appointed to fill the vacancy. Mohamed Murad has also been appointed board member to fill a previously vacant seat.

Faisal Ibrahim has been appointed a member of Aasandha’s board of directors. These changes come as part of the ongoing restructuring and appointments made by the new administration within state-owned companies. 

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