CleanTech, Cleaning Coronavirus Off The Maldivian Community

Established in 2016, CleanTech is a brand of Reinvent Maldives offering medical-grade disinfection services. Due to the pandemic, the company geared up with full research and trained team and started professional disinfection as a joint venture between Reinvent and Stage Core. The team comprises of locals that are WHO certified staff and consultants. 

The parent company being Luxrica Pte Ltd, Singapore, CleanTech is able to access the world’s number one products for disinfection like Victory Electrostatic sprayers and US-EPA approved chemicals to use against the virus. The electrostatic sprayers are a proven technology that provides better delivery of disinfectant products to surfaces, especially vertical surfaces where the disinfectants have no natural ability to adhere. It saves time and covers a large area with less chemical wastage.

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The company follows WHO and HPA guidelines as well as IATA and European Air Transport guidelines for disinfection. Several customers seeking disinfection services worry about the chemicals used. CleanTech informs that the company uses chemicals that are approved by EPA. They also have the capacity to conduct surface testing and test chemicals to prove that the chemicals are effective against COVID-19.

Apart from disinfection, CleanTech also provides deep cleaning, dust-mite removal mould removal and carpet cleaning services using certified chemicals and equipment. Equipped with Dupot Tyvek PPE and Honeywell Full-face Respirators, CleanTech follows the highest standard of PPE and the PPE are disposed after every job to ensure safety and hygiene.

Currently, CleanTech offers the most competitive and affordable disinfection prices, while guaranteeing safety through world-renowned equipment, high-grade chemicals and thorough training. The company’s ongoing promotion offers FREE hand sanitisers to its customers.

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