COVID-19 Updates for 23rd April

There have been a total of 95 confirmed cases of COVID-19 with no fatalities in the Maldives, at the time of writing.

Here are the latest updates on COVID-19 as of 23rd April.

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Virus Timeline in the Capital City Male’

The number of positive cases from Male’ city is at 75 with 9 new cases reported on 23rd April. Authorities have confirmed that 80-year old COVID-19 patient hospitalized in DH11 has stabilized.

Singaporean Billionaire donates ventilators and masks to the Maldives.

Ong Ben Seng. Singaporean billionaire has donated 15 ventilators and 100,000 face masks to the Maldives. The donation is currently in Maldives High Commission in Singapore.

India donates supply of the antimalarial drug to the Maldives, and Maldivian brings a shipment of fruits and vegetables from India.

India has donated a supply of 50,000 anti-malarial drug Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) tablets to the Maldives. Last night a Maldivian flight brought the shipment of HCQ tablets from Chennai.

A Maldivian flight has brought 12.5 tons of commodities from Trivandrum India. This shipment includes fruits and vegetables.

Islamic Ministry states MVR 1 million from the Zakat fund to be utilized on helping those facing difficulties during the pandemic and explains delays in distributing dates from Saudi Arabia.

Islamic Ministry has stated that from Zakat fund MVR 1 million is being utilized to help locals struggling amid the pandemic and MVR 3 million to help Maldivian stranded in foreign countries.

The ministry has also stated that there are delays in distributing dates gifted from Saudi Arabia due to lockdown in the Greater Male’ Area.

A quarantined patient (but COVID-19 negative) died while undergoing treatment for other health issues.

Dr. Murad said the person was tested for COVID-19 upon arrival at the quarantine facility set up in the Hospital and was tested negative. He clarified that the patient was transferred to the hospital after being placed at a quarantine facility and was treated for the individual’s underlying illness.

IMF approves to lends USD28.9 million to the Maldives.

International Monetary Fund (IMF) approves to lends 28.9 million to the Maldives to help cover the balance of payments and fiscal needs, stemming from the pandemic.

Economic Ministry Requests to report if any producers are selling above the price ceiling.

Economic Ministry has requested to report if any price-controlled products (onion, lentil, egg, and potato) are being sold above the set prices. The Ministry has assured that actions will be taken against those who sell above the set prices.

Indonesian capital has extended restrictions in the country till May 22.

The governor of Indonesia has said that he would extend large-scale social restrictions for an extra month to May 22.

Ukraine extended its quarantine measures till May 11.

Ukraine extended strong quarantine measures till May 11, hoping then to ease restrictions if there is a reduction in COVID-19 cases.

Germany approves human testing of a potential vaccine against the COVID-19 virus developed by BioNTech.

The trial, only the fourth worldwide of a preventive agent targeting the virus behind the global pandemic, will be conducted on 200 healthy people aged between 18 and 55 in the first stage, and on further people, including those at higher risk from the disease, in a second stage.

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