‘Dhiraagu Maldives AeroPress Championship 2018 – A Gathering for Coffee Lovers’

‘Dhiraagu Maldives AeroPress Championship 2018 – A Gathering For Coffee Lovers’ has been postponed to the 14th of this month.

The event co-hosted by Coffee Lab Roasters and Dhiraagu was previously supposed to be held at 7th September at Rasrani Bageecha. 

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This is one of the biggest coffee events to be held in the Maldives. Other than the coffee championship, cafe’s will also showcase their espressos, manual brews, and signature drinks. Also, coffee tasting sessions (cupping) and other practices will be offered throughout the event for spectators.

World AeroPress Championship is one of the well-known competitions for baristas and coffee lovers. It is held over in different countries every year with more than 50 nationalities participating.

The winner of the Maldives AeroPress Championship will be provided the opportunity by Dhiraagu to compete in the World AeroPress Championship which is held in Sydney, Australia this year.

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