Dhiraagu Renews Support to the Blind and Visually Impaired Society of Maldives

Blind and Visually Impaired Society of Maldives (BVISM) is a non-governmental organization that advocates for the rights and wellbeing of the blind community or people with low vision. The NGO commences various activities among its members, and has a number of them lined up for the upcoming month.

In this regard, telecom giant Dhiraagu has announced the renewal of its support to the organization in carrying out such activities virtually, including the provision of free mobile data to NGO members.

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Dhiraagu is providing PhoneMeeting130, a special digital communication and conference calling service. As part of the company’s Corporate Social Responsibility program, Dhiraagu has continued to offer the service to BVISM since 2016.

According to Dhiraagu, the service will help ease the operation of the NGO, as the visually impaired face logistical difficulties in conducting meetings in person.

In this regard, BVISM uses these services to conduct various training and education programmes conducted among the members of the organization. Over the years, BVISM has conducted classes such as Mathematics, Latin, Arabic and Quran through the service.

Dhiraagu aims to empower, support and advocate for the rights of the blind in the Maldives. Dhiraagu aims to further provide assistance in such social issues in the future.

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