Dhiraagu Signs as the Digital Partner for Census 2022

Dhiraagu has signed an agreement with the Maldives Bureau of Statistics (MBS) to become the  exclusive Digital Services Partner for the 2022 Census. 

Through this partnership with MBS for the 2022 Census, Dhiraagu will be providing digital  connectivity and facilitating essential digital services throughout the census training and information  collection period.  

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This year’s census will be carried out from 13-25 September and will include a census of population,  residential homes, and economic activity centres. More than 4000 enumerators and over 100  trainers have been recruited for this country-wide exercise, which will provide the key information at  national, atoll and island-level to provide necessary public services effectively.  

“We are extremely pleased to be the digital partner for the 2022 Census. As the nation’s leading  digital services provider, we are proud to support MBS and the Census 2022 team in facilitating this  crucial national exercise that will shape the Maldives’ developmental future for the next few years,” stated Mohamed Mirshan Hassan, Director, Brand and Marketing Communications at Dhiraagu.

“We would like to thank Dhiraagu for their active participation in contributing towards the 2022 Census. We are grateful for the support we continue to receive from the company to make the  Census 2022 a successful exercise and create awareness on its importance,” stated Aishath Hassan, Chief Statistician of MBS. Dhiraagu remains committed to supporting national endeavours such as this which will aid in the  development and enhancement of services in the Maldives, which will ultimately enrich the lives of  Maldivian citizens.

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