Dhivehi Insurance Appoints New Chairman and Managing Director

Dhivehi Insurance has announced changes in their board members. Dhivehi Insurance Managing Director Abdul Wahid Thaufeeq has been promoted to the Chairman position.

Allied Insurance’s previous Managing Director Ahmed Ameel has been newly appointed to the board and as the Managing Director of Dhivehi Insurance.  

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These changes to the board members will be effective from 19th February onwards.

Ameel and Wahid have been working in the insurance since the beginning of the insurance industry in the Maldives and have more than 20 years of experience in the industry. They both started their career in Allied Insurance.

Fathimath Shafeega has served as the chairman of Dhivehi Insurance for 3 years. Dhivehi Insurance appreciates her for the great service and the immense contribution she has made to the success of Dhivehi Insurance.

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