Mid-career crises are, in fact, a widespread regularity rather than a phenomenon which happens with a selected few. There is a widespread belief that when you reach 30s and 40s you will be in full control of your life and will be living the life we always wished for. We all can recall the school days where we couldn’t wait to grow up. At a point we tend to analyze the GAP between what we achieved (Reality) and what our expectations were. This could lead to high stress levels, disappointments and regrets and even begin to believe that there is no turning back.
However, experts are revealing how to be prepared for Mid – Career Crisis, of course with preparation in advance, planning and commitment. As easy as it sounds theoretically it might be  challenging in reality (Practically) to adopt these factors.

  1. Be the master of your own destiny
    Most careers are chosen or pursued not by our own self but rather based on parent’s advice, a relative’s council, or due to peer pressure. Many feel deep regret for having to live someone else life. Specially in developing countries there are limited career options, some careers may not be financially viable and certain careers may have lower recognition or frowned upon by the society. However, experts believe for a rewarding life on your own terms it’s important to pursue our own dreams and stay focused on things that will give control of your own life.2. Striking a balance
    With the modern business world everything is expected to happen now. It’s now or never. This makes professionals to invest their time in responding, engaging in official matters even while you are away from office. Holidays/ vacations become shorter, unhealthy relationship with spouse and kids, unhealthy life styles and obesity can be few outcomes of not maintaining the right balance. To avoid disappointments in the latter life, giving quality time to family and loved ones, taking a break once in a while to make a difference in their life matters.3. Embrace the change
    Change is threatening, hard and scary. It makes us uncomfortable when we step out of our comfort zone. Fear of failure, financial crisis, taking care of the family financially, losing the existing achieves by changing the field are some key factors. Taking a bold step to make radical changes in life and embracing the change is the key to happiness. Escaping the “Money Trap” is important and can only be achieved by opening the eyes to non-monetary factors in life.

    Experts believe everyone can make a change and it’s never too late. Taking control of your life, living a healthy, balanced lifestyle, welcoming the change and most importantly keeping negative and toxic people away are few things to start with.

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