First ever Maldives Accountants Forum to be hosted by Auditor General’s Office

Auditor General’s Office (AGO) will host the first-ever Accountants forum in Maldives on Monday 6th November at Hotel Jen, Male’. This forum will go on until 8th November and the two days of technical sessions will be held at AGO – Auditorium.

Maldives Accountants Forum is the national platform for all the professional auditors and accountants to discuss and deliberate on matters of mutual interest with the industry stakeholders and regulators so as to create a greater understanding and trust among the key stakeholders.

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The purpose of this forum is to promote accounting professionals and to gain industry confidence for their work while giving them the opportunity to share, learn, network and understand the emerging issues.

This forum is targeted for practising auditors, accountants in business, regulators, business community and academia.

The Forum will give participants the opportunity to attend keynote sessions delivered by experienced and renowned speakers as well as the technical presentations and discussions from the experts.

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