Goods from STELCO Sales Centre Can Now Be Financed Via MIB Ujaalaa Dhiriulhun!

State Electric Company (STELCO) has announced that goods from the STELCO Sales Centre can now be financed via Maldives Islamic Bank’s Ujaalaa Dhiriulhun facility.

In this regard, customers will be able to finance all the equipment required for electricity supply and wiring, as well as various brands of products related to electricity under the scheme.

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MIB’s Ujaalaa Dhiriulhun is designed to assist individuals to purchase lifestyle consumer goods. Customers can purchase a wide variety of goods such as phones, electrical goods, furniture, kitchenware, construction materials, and much more. This facility is based on the Islamic finance concept of Murabaha.

Any local above 18 years of age who is employed with an employer accepted by the bank, or is a rental income earner, can buy goods from STELCO under the scheme.

Unlike other financing schemes, this scheme allows the customer to choose between 18 and 48 months of the time required to pay. Such schemes will provide immense convenience to customers who find it difficult to make one-time payments.

For more information, you can contact the STELCO sales centre at 3338170 or 3337515, or Viber the hotline number 9110888. You can email them at

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