Government Issues New Regulations on the Cruising and Harbouring of Tourist Vessels

The government has introduced an amendment to the regulations governing foreign safaris, yachts, and cruise lines in the waters of the Maldives. The changes, disclosed in this Tuesday’s gazette publication, focus on alterations to the duration of cruising permits for foreign tourist vessels and the associated fees.

For foreign tourist vessels under 20 meters, a 90-day docking period in Maldivian waters will be granted at no charge. If the vessel is affiliated with the International Maritime Organization, an extension of up to 275 days can be secured after the initial 90 days, with a USD 50 fee for each extension.

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Vessels exceeding 20 meters will be issued a cruising permit upon payment of a USD 1,000 fee, valid for 90 days from the date of inward clearance. These larger vessels will incur a daily fee of USD 100 throughout their operations in the Maldives.

International Maritime Organization-registered vessels over 20 meters have the option to extend their permits for a year. However, a fee of USD 3,500 will be applicable if the extension exceeds one year.

The revision also encompasses changes to charter license prices, categorized as follows:

  • Vessels 20 meters and smaller – USD 100 per day
  • Vessels 21-35 meters – USD 250 per day
  • Vessels 36-45 meters – USD 400 per day
  • Vessels 46-75 meters – USD 550 per day
  • Vessels 76-100 meters – USD 700 per day
  • Vessels exceeding 101 meters – USD 850 per day

Additionally, the previously effective Regulation on the Cruising and Harbouring of Foreign Tourist Vessels in the Maldives has been repealed under these new rules.

A fixed schedule of fines has been established for violators, with an initial fine of USD 1,000, escalating to USD 2,000 for a second offence. Subsequent violations will incur a hefty USD 6,000 fine each time. These regulations will take effect upon vessels permitted to cruise and harbour in Maldivian waters upon the expiry of their previous permits.

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