HDC to Take Action on Any Unauthorized Changes Made to the Flats in Hulhumale

The Housing Development Corporation (HDC) is to take action on any unauthorized changes that are being made to the flats built in Hulhumale under the Veshi Fahi Male housing program.

HDC stated that they are aware of considerable structural changes being made to the flats. This comprises of balconies being extended, knocking down internal walls as well as the installment of additional decks. According to HDC, the flats are designed to hold specific load in accordance to specific calculations and any type of major modifications can cause significant damage to the structure and become a safety hazard to the civilians residing in the building. Additionally, as stated by the corporation, these modifications could reduce the buildings life span as well.

Moreover, the structure is designed in consideration to the ventilation and air circulation through building code which can be affected by structural changes made to the building. Hence, any modifications made to the building should be under the permit of the HDC.

HDC has informed flat owners that have made unauthorized changes to the infrastructure to be returned to its original condition under the instruction of the Facility Management of the corporation. That being the case, they have warned that firm action will be taken upon future occurrence.

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