How Do We Properly Tackle The Waste Collection Issue in Male’?

2020 has notably been a difficult year for everyone with the impact of the epidemic, COVID-19. The world went haywire, with many countries going into a panic and usual routines being discarded. COVID-19 brought forth changes to lifestyle and routines, public and business-wise.

Many countries are still battling the virus, and the vaccination process is expected to begin in the upcoming year.

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With the assistance of WAMCO, the Maldives waste collection was sustainably managed during the lockdown period. WAMCO was assigned to do the collection between 12pm to 2pm throughout Male’.

Despite being a convenient time frame to complete the collection, this proved to be a hassle the moment the lockdown was uplifted, as Male’s streets were once again filled with constant traffic. This meant, most of the waste collection is left unattended and the piles keep increasing on the streets.

One thing to keep in mind is that most Maldivians leave for work early morning, which ends up with waste collected in plastic bags being left out in the open outside for a longer period. By the time WAMCO comes to clear the streets, most of the time, these bags are torn open by cats or unknowingly kicked around by passing pedestrians.

The Maldives needs to come up with a better mechanism to properly handle the waste collection system in Male’. From assigning a better time frame for collection and putting garbage in large black plastic bags rather than collecting it in small plastic bags. This would be a more convenient approach for both the civilians and WAMCO.

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