Importation Decreases by 49% for July

The importation percentage of Maldives for the month of July has decreased by 49 according to the statistics published by the Maldives Customs.

In the statistics published by Customs, the total price of goods imported in July this year shows a 49% decrease when compared to the price of goods imported in July 2019. The goods exported has also shown a 2% decrease in its price.

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According to the statistics, in July 2019, Maldives has been imported with goods worth MVR 3.7 billion. However, in 2020, goods worth MVR 1.9 billion have been imported. In July 2019, Maldives has exported goods of value MVR 208 million while in July 2020, this amount is at MVR 203 million.

Apart from this, the revenue generated by the government in July 2020 has increased by 0.6% when compared to the revenue generated in July 2019. In detail, the government of Maldives generated a revenue of MVR 292 million in July 2019, while the amount stays at MVR 293 this year.

During July this year, the most amount of goods were imported to the Maldives from Oman, India, China, Singapore and UAE. The most amount of goods from the Maldives, have been exported to England, Germany, Vietnam, France and America in July 2020.

As read by the statistics published, in July 2020, 72 ships have bought goods into the Maldives, while 79 ships were recorded in July 2019. In July 2019, 86 ships have exported goods from Maldives while in July this year, 99 ships have exported goods from Maldives.

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