K Park Residence Donates Protective Equipment to 12 Islands

Protective equipment such as masks, sanitizers, and gloves have been donated to 12 islands by K Park Residence owner Hassan Mamdhooh (Mandey).

Hassan Mamdhooh has donated protective equipment to L. Fonadhoo, L. Gan, L. Maavah, L. Hithadhoo, L. Maabiadhoo, L. Dhanbidhoo, V. Keyodhoo, Th. Vilufushi, N. Maafaru, and to “Visit Laam”.

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In addition to that, he has donated 500 masks and 200 gloves to 6 islands of L. Atoll. He also donated 48 sanitizers, 100 gloves, and 500 masks each to GDh. Hoadedhoo, GDh. Madaveli, and GDh. Nadella.

Previously Mamdhooh has donated 1000 surgical masks, 100 bottles of sanitizer and 100 gown sets each to IGMH and ADK.

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