Landhoo Council Enables Ooredoo Maldives’ m-Faisaa in the Region

Landhoo Council enables Ooredoo Maldives’ m-Faisaa option to provide the community with a hassle-free, fast and secure payment solution, this collaboration aims to offer residents an unparalleled experience of convenience, and security through the integration of m-Faisaa as a payment method for Landhoo Council services.

m-Faisaa is a digital payment solution that allows cash deposits, withdrawals, transfers and make GST payments and payments to Cafés, restaurants and shops with ease. Customers can also make bill payments for a vast number of services including STELCO, MWSC, Ooredoo services, MediaNet and more. The availability of the trusted m-Faisaa platform paves the way for residents of Landhoo to make swift, hassle-free payments for council-related services.

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“At Landhoo Council, our priority has always been to enhance the lives of our residents through progressive solutions. It is also a reliable and convenient payment method for the Council to accept the pre-school fees, waste fees and other fees charged by the council. By incorporating m-Faisaa as a preferred payment method, we are streamlining transactions and promoting a culture of digital adoption.” President Abdul Azeez Mohamed, Landhoo Council

“We are proud to collaborate with Landhoo Council to enable payments through m-Faisaa. This partnership greatly aligns with our mission to create a Digital Maldives and enrich the lives of our communities through digital solutions. With this partnership, our aim is to enable the community to make secure payments through their mobile devices as well as to accelerate the digital transformation in the region.”

Landhoo community can now experience the enhanced ease of m-Faisaa-powered payments at Landhoo Council. .

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