Licensed Auditors Need to be Quality Rated: Minister Ameer

Speaking to the press at the license awarding function held at CA Maldives yesterday, Mr. Ibrahim Ameer, the Minister of finance noted that with the abolishment of licensing categories the need for some kind of mechanism to quality rate the licensed auditors are important, when it comes to providing service to public interest entities such as SOEs and Financial Institutions. This would be helpful to ensure that the applicant has the resources and capacity to undertake such audits, said the Minister. He also noted that it is time to regulate and monitor other finance related service providers such as accountants, valuers and liquidators. 

Minister also stated that he is very appreciative of the much-needed changes introduced by the CA Maldives to the licensing regime and the new commitment of CA Maldives to quality reviews will enhance the public confidence in the work of licensed auditors.

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