Lotus Fihaara Introduces BEE’s Honey

Lotus Fihaara has introduced BEE’s Honey for affordable prices to the Maldives. This was revealed in a tweet by Ahmed Arif, Chairman of Senior International, on July 27th July 2020.

According to Arif, this product will be available at Lotus Fihaara. The Prices for BEE’s Honey range from MVR 10 to MVR50. The price of 80g of BEE’s Honey is at MVR10 while the price of 500g of honey is at MVR50. The prices in-between remains at MVR25 for 250g and MVR 27 for 375g.

Lotus Fihaara is locally renowned for its products. The main branch of Lotus Fihaara is located at the Capital of Maldives, Male.

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