M7 Introduces Two New Books For Children

M7 has introduced two new books for children on 31st January.

These two books are launched by Fathmath Shafeeqa, who has played an important role in the publication of new curriculum textbooks, in an event held by Dhivehi Raajjege Adu. These books will be available in M7 bookstore for MVR 60.

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These two books are called “Maama and Jetski” and “Thuthu Kamana and Dindin”.

Managing Director of M7 highlighted in the event that M7 has been working to publish new books related to the new curriculum for students. He also stated that M7 will be working with educational authors to publish the new books.

“Thuthu Kamana and DinDin” is a book for grade one student which surrounds around the life of a kid called Thuthu Kamana and a bird she meets near the beach.

“Maama and jetski” is a book for grade two students and this book tells the story between a kid named Bakuru and his grandmother.

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