Maldives and Saudi Arabia Strengthen Ties with Focus on Sustainable Fisheries

The Saudi Fund for Development (SFD) has reaffirmed its commitment to bolster the fisheries industry in the Maldives, strengthening bilateral relations and promoting sustainable development within the sector. This pledge was made during a meeting in Saudi Arabia, where Ahmed Shiyam, the Minister of Fisheries and Ocean Resources of the Maldives, met with Faisal Al Kahtani, the Deputy CEO of the Saudi Fund for Development.

The discussions between Minister Shiyam and Faisal Al Kahtani centred on the ongoing and prospective projects financed by the SFD in the Maldives. Al Kahtani expressed a firm commitment to continue supporting the Maldivian fishing industry, highlighting the mutual goals and aspirations that underpin the collaboration between the two nations.

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Minister Ahmed Shiyam’s visit to Saudi Arabia also includes his attendance at the opening ceremony of the Saudi International Marine Exhibition in Riyadh. This visit comes at the invitation of Abdulrahman Abdulmohsen, the Saudi Minister of Environment, Water, and Agriculture. The exhibition is poised to serve as a pivotal platform for fostering business connections and facilitating the exchange of information across various fields related to marine and ocean resources.

In a post shared on social media, Minister Shiyam underscored the importance of the exhibition, noting its crucial role in enhancing business ties and promoting knowledge exchange within the international community. The event represents a significant opportunity for stakeholders in the fisheries and marine sectors to explore new avenues of cooperation and innovation.

The continued support from the Saudi Fund for Development signifies a robust partnership between the Maldives and Saudi Arabia, aimed at achieving sustainable development and prosperity for the fisheries industry. This collaboration not only strengthens the economic ties between the two countries but also highlights their joint commitment to environmental conservation and sustainable use of marine resources.

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