Maldives Could Start Welcoming Tourists in July – Finance Minister

Minister of Finance Ibrahim Ameer has announced that Maldives could start issuing on arrival visa to tourists in July.

Speaking at the press conference held today (24th April), the Minister said that tourist arrivals is expected decrease 50%, along with a reduction of  bed nights by 39%.

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Maldives temporarily suspended on arrival visa for all tourists from 27th March 2020. With this decision, the tourism industry has come to a halt resulting in temporary suspensions at several resorts in Maldives.

In light of COVID-19 outbreak, countries all over the world are putting travel bans and issuing travel advisories. The World Health Organization declared COVID-19 a pandemic, with one of the organization’s leaders citing the severity and the speed at which the disease is spreading.

The government of Maldives has taken a number of measures to contain the disease and to mitigate the negative impact the virus has caused. These include a temporarily ban on foreign passenger vessels and the nationwide shutdown of guesthouses.

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