‘Maldives Floating City’ Project Inaugurated

The ‘Maldives Floating City’ project has been inaugurated yesterday, after the government entered into an agreement with a pioneering company from the Netherlands, Dutch Docklands.

The project was inaugurated by Speaker of People’s Majlis, Former President of Maldives, Mohamed Nasheed. The launching event held at the Ministry of Tourism was attended by Tourism Minister Abdulla Mausoom, CEO of Dutch Docklands Mr. Paul Van De Camp, project consultant Mr. Riyaz, and various Parliament members from Male’ city.

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The floating city is planned to be developed within a ten-minute distance from Male’ and Hulhule’. The project will be the first of its kind to ever be developed in the world, and upon completion, is expected to house thousands.

Work on the project is scheduled to begin in 2022. Once complete, the city will span a lagoon of 200 hectares, comprising of various establishments such as residences, shops, and hospitals. All of the establishments will be designed and developed to float on shallow water.

Official information about the project is yet to be released by the government.

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