Maldives-India Meeting Advances Economic Development and Cooperation

The third meeting of the High-Level Core Group between the Maldives and India took place yesterday, March 17th, 2024, in Malé, Maldives. A key focus of the meeting was on progress in economic development initiatives and broader cooperation between the two nations.

The highlight of the meeting was the ongoing replacement of Indian military personnel with civilians at aviation platforms in the Maldives. One platform has already completed this transition, with the remaining two scheduled for civilianization on April 10th and May 10th, 2024.

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The High-Level Core Group also discussed a wide range of economic and development cooperation initiatives. This included a review of recently completed capacity-building programs and the progress of ongoing developmental projects. Both countries reaffirmed their commitment to strengthening their partnership and expediting current projects, highlighting their shared interest in fostering economic growth in the region.

The two countries have agreed to hold the fourth meeting of the High-Level Core Group in New Delhi at a mutually agreed-upon date, signalling a continued commitment to advancing economic development and cooperation between the Maldives and India.

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