Maldives Marketers Forum 2020: Keynote speech from renowned digital marketing expert

The Maldives Marketers Forum 2020 which is to due be held on 18th January is expected to see a keynote speech from a renowned digital marketing expert from the Netherlands, Prof Willem Smit. According to the organizers of the event, Corporate Maldives Academy (CMA), in his keynote titled “Unpredicting the Future of Brands in Uncertain Times: Four Alternative Marketing Strategies from Expert Entrepreneurs”, he is expected to highlight four alternative strategies for marketers to employ in coping with future changes.

Prof Willem is an expert in strategy making and managerial cognition, particularly in the areas of digital marketing, global branding and new venture marketing. Prof. Smit earned his doctorate in Marketing from the Erasmus University in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. He has published his studies in the Harvard Business Review, Journal of Business Venturing, and the Financial Times among others. His work has also received media attention in publications, such as Times, Bloomberg and Newsweek. He is also the founder of the ALL-ASEAN brands (

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The abstract to his speech reads, “while the speed of change has accelerated in many aspects of life, work, and also in marketing, new Tech brands have disrupted established household names and their old business models. Uber has attacked local taxi companies, Airbnb is taking on hotel brands. Facebook and Google disrupted newspapers and other mass communication media. In this keynote, we will talk about how marketers of existing brands can prepare for change”.

This is the third edition of the Maldives Marketers Forum which is the largest annual gathering of marketing professionals in the Maldives. It is designed as a one-day event for sharing knowledge and expertise. Every year the event sees expert speakers from the marketing profession and an audience comprising of marketing professionals and enthusiasts.

As per the organizers, registration for the event can be done by contacting the hotline 9139292.

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