Maldives National Air Traffic Service’ Established for Airspace Oversight

Maldives National Air Traffic Service was created today with the prime objective of enhancing air traffic control services in the Maldives.

Up until now, the management of air travel had been under the stewardship of the air traffic management unit of MACL, which operated from the air traffic control centre and control tower.

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In light of this development, the renowned air traffic controller, Mohammad Akhtar, has been appointed as managing director for the newly formed company.

A representative from the government shed light on the matter, elucidating that transformations in the nation’s transportation framework, coupled with a surge in airport numbers and seaplanes, have given rise to an unforeseen volume of airborne craft.

He further elucidated that the concurrent movements in the country’s airspace have escalated, with figures reaching between 60 and 70 at a given time. This spike highlighted the pressing requirement for an evolution in the apparatus for air traffic control services.

The decision to carve out a distinct company for air traffic control services aligns with the importance placed on safety and security measures, adhering to the protocols of the Chicago Convention.

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