Maldives Records 44% Rise in Exports in January

Maldives has recorded a 44% increase in exports last January, compared to the same period last year. 

As per the monthly statistics released by Maldives Customs Service, Maldives exported MVR 471 million in commodities during the month of January. This figure shows a 44% increase compared to the MVR 327 million in exports in January 2021. Major exported commodities include MVR 157 million in frozen skipjack or stripe-bellied bonito, MVR 33 million in skipjack tuna, and MVR 29 million in frozen yellowfin tuna. 

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  • Thailand: MVR 164 million  
  • UK: MVR 29 million  
  • Mauritius: MVR 21 million 
  • Germany: MVR 19 million  
  • India: MVR 9 million  

Meanwhile, Maldives had imported MVR 4.2 billion in commodities in during the month of January. The figure shows a 49% increase compared to the MVR 2.8 billion in imports in January 2021. 


  • China: MVR 572 million 
  • Oman: MVR 572 million
  • India: MVR 514 million  
  • UAE: MVR 480 million  
  • Singapore: MVR 463 million 

Maldives Customs Service further recorded a revenue of MVR 312 million during January 2022 which is a 30% increase from the MVR 240 million recorded in January 2021. 

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