Maldives Witnesses 6.6% Increase in Tourist Arrivals in December 2023 

The Ministry of Tourism reported a 6.6% rise in tourist arrivals for December 2023 compared to last year, with 137,491 tourists visiting from December 1 to 23. This figure surpasses the 128,963 arrivals in December 2022 and the 118,772 in December 2021.

Since the beginning of the year, Maldives has seen a total of 1,821,338 tourist arrivals, marking a 12.4% increase from the 1,620,215 arrivals during the same period last year and a significant rise from the 1,276,425 arrivals in 2021. The daily average for 2023 is 5,453, with tourists staying an average of seven days.

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Maldives achieved the milestone of hosting its one-millionth tourist on July 16, and on December 23, it welcomed the 1.8 millionth tourist of the year, Stefan Mathijs from the Netherlands.

As the year concludes, Russia remains the top contributor to tourist arrivals, holding an 11% market share with 200,894 arrivals by December 23. India and China follow with 200,744 and 184,152 arrivals, respectively.

Other significant tourist markets in 2023 include the United Kingdom (8.2% with 149,115 arrivals), Germany (7.1% with 129,915 arrivals), Italy (5.9% with 106,910 arrivals), the United States (3.9% with 71,621 arrivals), France (2.6% with 46,801 arrivals), Spain (2.2% with 39,186 arrivals), and South Korea (2% with 35,606 arrivals). Previously among the top source markets, Switzerland has been replaced by South Korea.

The daily arrivals for December ranged from 4,967 to 8,054, with December 23 recording the highest number. This data underscores the ongoing dynamism in the Maldivian tourism sector.

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