Maldivian Ambassador-designate to UK Promotes Maldives in Italy

A girl wearing "Feyli" ; a traditional clothing of Maldives at the festival / Photo: Dr. Farahanaz on Twitter

Maldivian Ambassador-designate to the United Kingdom (UK). Dr. Farahanaz Faisal has promoted Maldives in Italy.

Dr. Farahanaz took part in the Bedford Italian Festival and promoted Maldives by the means of a leaflet and traditional clothing of Maldives.

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“I would like to thank Mayfair Insurance for the opportunity to promote Maldives at the Bedford Italian Festival” said Dr. Farahanaz, in a tweet.

Bedford Italian Festival is a cultural festival held in Bedford to celebrate the diversity of the town with food, music and a display of Italian cars.

The first ever Bedford Italian Festival was inaugurated on 2009.

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