Maldivian to Launch Wide-Body Fleet to China and Europe by October

The Minister of Transport and Civil Aviation, Mohamed Ameen, announced last night that the country’s national carrier, Maldivian, will commence operations of the airline’s wide-body aircrafts around October this year. 

During a government forum held last night to address public queries, Minister Ameen highlighted the progress made in preparing for wide-body aircraft operations. However, he also noted the logistical complexities involved, particularly in terms of aircraft registration, which may extend the timeline for deployment.

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“Before the end of this year, hopefully, by late October or November, the national airline will be [exactly scheduled] to start flying to Chinese cities and some European cities. By then, the national airline will have started with wide-body operations,” remarked Minister Ameen, indicating the anticipated launch timeline.

The move to introduce wide-body aircraft aligns with the airline’s earlier announcement in January, wherein Island Aviation disclosed plans to lease a long-haul Boeing 787 for Maldivian’s extended operations. 

Additionally, the company is set to secure an Airbus A330 through dry leasing arrangements to facilitate international flights, further broadening its operational scope.

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