Mayor Adam Azim Vows to Clamp Down on Illegal Street Businesses in City

In his first official press conference since assuming office, Mayor Adam Azim has announced a firm stance against the proliferation of illegal businesses operating in the city’s streets and alleys. This crackdown primarily targets makeshift markets selling vegetables and fruits, which have become a concern for city cleanliness and pedestrian accessibility.

Mayor Azim, who observed these issues firsthand during his recent door-to-door activities, expressed concern over the lack of hygiene and order in these informal selling points. He noted the adverse impact they have on the city’s streets, with discarded vegetable and fruit boxes and spoiled produce often littering the vicinity of these markets. A key aspect of his plan involves collaboration with the police force to ensure these businesses adhere to cleanliness standards or face closure.

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The Mayor’s commitment to addressing this issue extends to working closely with relevant agencies to halt all illegal activities across the city. He expressed confidence in the cooperation of various institutions in this endeavour, signalling a concerted effort to restore order and cleanliness to the city’s public spaces.

This initiative marks a significant step in Mayor Azim’s administrative agenda, focusing on improving urban living conditions and enforcing regulations to maintain the city’s cleanliness and order. The move is expected to not only enhance the aesthetic appeal of the city but also ensure the health and safety of its residents and visitors.

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