Ministry of Tourism Takes Precautionary Steps Against Coronavirus

The government of Maldives has taken necessary precautionary steps against coronavirus, which includes canceling all the China-Maldives flights temporarily.

Currently, the Ministry of Tourism is discussing with tourism industry-related stakeholders as into what decisions to take regarding tourists visiting the Maldives and taking necessary decisions. Regarding coronavirus a special unit has been introduced called ‘Situation monitoring unit’ and this unit has been with tourism industry stakeholders.

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Minister of Tourism Ali Waheed visited Velana airport to see the implementation of the safety measures in place at the airport regarding coronavirus.

A helpdesk has also been established in Velana airport until the situations return to normal and Ministry of Tourism has also instructed tourist operators to contact situation monitoring unit hotline number 7223131 and help-desk number 9423131 if they need any help regarding coronavirus.

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