MMPRC: Strategies Underway to Sustain Indian Tourist Numbers 

The Maldives Marketing and PR Corporation (MMPRC) is actively addressing the decline in Indian tourist arrivals, reveals MMPRC CEO & MD, Fathmath Thaufeeq.

In an exclusive interview with local media outlet Sun, Fathmath underscored the importance of the Indian market, stating, “We are doing what we need to do to maintain the numbers [of the Indian market].”

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Fathmath further highlighted ongoing initiatives aimed at key tourism markets, expressing confidence in achieving the government’s annual target of two million tourist arrivals. With over 25% of the target already achieved, MMPRC remains optimistic about surpassing the set goal, she said.

“We will work on more promotions when we notice that the numbers are declining. We are already running campaigns targeting the low season,” she said.

“The Indian market is very important for Maldives tourism, and efforts are being made to maintain the numbers,” Fathmath reiterated, stressing the corporation’s commitment to sustaining tourism growth amidst challenges.

The decline in Indian tourist arrivals this year has raised concerns within the tourism industry, with experts warning of potential economic repercussions for Maldives. The recent decline follows a diplomatic spat between Maldives state ministers and India’s Prime Minister Narendra, whereby the state ministers insulted Modi on the social media platform X, leading to calls for a boycott of Maldives by notable Indian influencers, celebrities and Indian citizens.

Data indicates a noticeable decline in Indian tourist arrivals, with only 42,167 tourists from India visiting Maldives so far this year. Last year, the most tourist arrivals were from India, with a total of 209,198 tourists visiting Maldives.

Notably, China has emerged as the leading source of tourists this year, with 81,914 arrivals recorded thus far.

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