MOMS NGO to host first ever MOMS EXPO

MOMS NGO has announced that they will be hosting the first ever Momtrepreneurs in the Maldives.

The expo is to be held on 4th to 5th October in Billabong High International School.

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MOMS EXPO is a unique exhibition for Maldivian Women Entrepreneurs within the country to showcase their businesses and connect with public. This is the first exhibition organised by MOMS NGO that’s only targeted for all the women-led businesses across the country.

According to MOMS NGO their goal is to empower women entrepreneurs in the Maldives and provide a platform for them to connect, inspire and get guidance to take their businesses to the next level.

MOMS is a registered non-profit organisation (NGO) founded with the objective of empowering mothers across the Maldives.

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