Mr. Mohamed Ahmed Hussain | Immigration Controller

Can you tell us a little bit about your professional life?

I was around 14 years old when I first started attending business discussions about our family owned business. That’s where I think my interest in finding a career really began. After joining MES, I pursued my interest in literature by joining the literature club named “Adhabee Busthaan”. Around 2006, I became the president of the club. After that, I went to Malaysia in 2007 and did a Certificate Level course in Hospitality. I then went to Singapore where I earned my degree in Business Administration, followed by my Masters in International Management at UK. I joined PSM in 2014, where I was the Media HoD. PSM was a very intense workplace and some days we wouldn’t go home until around 11 at night after having come to work early in the morning.

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One of the most unforgettable achievements during that time at PSM was working on the show, Maldivian Idol. I contributed a massive amount of time on the show from the start till the end, both on a personal and professional level, negotiating to bring Maldivian Idol to the country. I remember trying to get sponsors for the show and really having to struggle with that. The main reason potential sponsors were so wary was because they were skeptical on whether we would be able to pull off such a huge franchise show in Maldives.

After many rejections, I decided that it was time to take a different approach. We hosted a roadshow with dancing and stunts. The Head of XL energy drink in Maldives met us there. I believe he was able to understand just how serious we are with Maldivian Idol and decided to go ahead and sponsor us. After XL signed, sponsors flooded in and Maldivian Idol turned out to become a huge success.

After PSM, I joined of Avas Online where I was in charge of Marketing. I also dealt with sponsorship issues there. Another exciting idea we brought to reality was the first ever virtual magazine of Maldives, where you had to scan a barcode in order to access videos. I believe that too was a meaningful and important achievement for me. 

Tell us about some of the more notable challenges you’ve faced during your professional life.

The greatest challenge I faced was the disapproval from many who did not believe that I should be involved in politics. They told me that they did not approve me joining such a controversial field. I however, chose to go forward with it and joined politics in order to advocate for the youth and talk about the issues faced by them. I believe that youth should advocate for youth as we are the people who will understand our age group the best.

What would you say is your biggest success?

About that I would say that every step in my career can be considered a success. I believe that failure itself is a success as there is no success without it. I believe that failure is a part of the concept of becoming a successful person. As such I cannot exactly name a particular moment in my career that I would consider to be an unforgettable success.

What are your plans as Immigration Controller?

I feel it is necessary to talk about the fact that I do things in such a way that benefits the people. I work to bring about a better future for Maldivian citizens. First of all, I will evaluate any issues within the organization and resolve any issues which could cause any inconveniencies to our people. We will make sure to tackle the quota issues of the immigrant workers in Maldives which has become a huge problem in the country and work to become more transparent so that citizens are able to see exactly what we are doing and are able to put their trust in us. We will also implement regulations for the rights of the immigrant workers who are being misled when brought to the country.

What is your advice to anyone looking to succeed in their careers?

Some people tend to restrict dreams and hopes and make it seem like you will not be able to achieve your dreams. I would like to tell you that you can do it. Do not give up on your dreams according just because of what people say. Do not let them dictate to you what you can do and what you cannot do. Prove to them that you can achieve it. I have also achieved success with the help of others and I want you to ask yourself, why not you? If I am able to do it, so can you. Dream big, create hope if you feel like there is none and do not ever give up on your dreams.

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