MTCC’s K. Maafushi Harbour Project Nears Completion

The Maldives Transport and Contracting Company (MTCC) made progress with the K. Maafushi Harbour Development Project, as of the latest reports, the installation of concrete blocks integral for the quay wall’s construction has reached 74% completion. Concurrently, the concrete works for the quay wall are also in progress.

The project scope includes dredging for a new harbour basin (63,711 cubic metres), maintenance dredging (28,836 cubic metres), and channel dredging (4,414 cubic metres). 

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Additionally, the project involves the construction of a 31-metre breakwater, a 680-metre rock boulder revetment, a 700-metre geo bag revetment, and a 374-metre quay wall.

The project also includes the construction of a concrete jetty, a bridge, and the installation of 1,869 square metres of harbour pavement, along with harbour lighting. 

The total project is valued MVR 76.48 million.

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