MTCC’s N. Manadhoo Harbour Project Reaches 75% Completion

The N. Manadhoo Harbour Channel Dredging and Breakwater Construction Project, led by the Maldives Transport and Contracting Company (MTCC), is currently at an advanced stage, achieving an overall project progress of 75%.

MTCC has successfully concluded the construction of a ramp and revetment, with ongoing work focusing on closing the existing channel.

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The project includes specific tasks such as 14,844 cubic meters of dredging and excavating operations, 15,822 cubic meters of entrance channel dredging operations, and the construction of essential structures like a 175-meter breakwater, a 188-meter revetment, a 4.5-meter wide by 244-meter long concrete bridge, a ramp, and the installation of navigational aids.

This project is valued at MVR 36.94 million.

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