MVR 4 Billion Worth Goods Imported in January 2019

The income generated by goods imported in January 2019 has reached up to MVR 4 billion, according to statistics released by the Maldives Customs Services. This is a 6% increase in comparison with January 2018’s imported merchandise total, which equals a value of MVR 3.8 billion.

Countries with most imported merchandise to Maldives in January 2019

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China: Mvr 609 million.
Singapore: Mvr 397 million.
India: Mvr 332 million.
Malaysia: Mvr 325 million.

While observing the export trends, MVR 34.6 million worth merchandise has been exported from Maldives in January 2019. This is a decrease of 28% from January 2018 merchandise which equals MVR 473.3 million.

Countries with most exported merchandise to Maldives in January 2019

UK: Mvr 258 Million
Germany: Mvr 34 million
America: Mvr 28 million
France: Mvr 19 million
Thailand: Mvr 16 million

The government has gained Mvr 306.6 million worth through import duties and other fees in January 2019 in comparison to that of Mvr 268 million in January 2018. While comparing on an annual basis, January 2019 showed a 14% increase in income than January 2018.

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