MWSC Celebrates 5th Anniversary of Showroom with a Special Promotion!

On the occasion of the 5th anniversary of MWSC’s showroom, a special ceremony has been hosted to appreciate the customers of MWSC. The Chairman of MWSC Mr. Ahmed Mausoom, Managing Director Mr. Hassan Shah, Deputy Managing Director, Mr. Mohamed Shareef, and other employees of MWSC took part in this ceremony.

As a token of appreciation to its loyal customers, MWSC has issued a voucher of MVR 10,000 to 10 of their customers. Furthermore, a discount of 10% will be issued to every water meter and water testing service purchased from 28th September 2021 to 20th November 2021 on the occasion of the showroom’s anniversary.

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The opening of the MWSC showroom in 2016 led to developments in commerce. This showroom gives easy accessibility to world-renowned water and sewerage system products under one roof. MWSC is the sole distributor of the products they distribute. Customers will be able to purchase different products from the showroom including RO plants, membranes, pumps, tanks, pipes, fittings, water meters, and other sorts of spare parts. The availability of these products in the showroom is beneficial and convenient for several businesses and institutions. Additionally, through the showroom, MWSC’s I.S.O 2005:17025 strand’s laboratory provides services to resorts and other consultants.

The Managing Director of MWSC, Mr. Hassan Shah has stated that during the past five years since the showroom has been established, the company has been working hard to provide as many products needed for the economy of the Maldives under one roof. They are also currently working on adding additional products and brands to their showroom portfolio. Furthermore, Mr. Hassan Shah highlighted in his speech that MWSC will be soon introducing digital services for the convenience of their customers.

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