Ooredoo Concludes Digital Literacy Program in Kulhudhufushi

Ooredoo concludes Digital Literacy Program in Kulhudhufushi on 8th August. This program for the elderly aims to ensure inclusive access to digital resources that enrich our lives, making sure that they are not left behind in the digital age.

Some of the topics covered during the session:
• How to use a smartphone (calling, texting, saving contacts, taking photos etc.)
• Useful Apps
• Awareness on Fraud and Scams

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Due to the current pandemic situation, the company believes that digital literacy awareness has become extremely important as we spend more time at home as much as possible. Being familiar with digital platforms and how to navigate social apps and smartphone features will enable access to services, information and help the elderly of our community to stay in touch with their loved ones afar. Ooredoo ensured that social distancing practices were in place as per the HPA guidelines through out the session.

Digital literacy program was first held in 2018 and the company’s aim is to conduct these sessions in all regions across the country. The first session of Digital Literacy program 2020 was held in Laamu earlier this year.

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