20% Hitachi Plant Technologies

20% Hitachi Plant Technologies


Corporate Maldives Magazine May 2024 Edition Now Published

Corporate Maldives has published the May 2024 edition of the ‘Corporate Maldives Magazine’. As a quarterly print publication, we are committed to...

Trade with India, China to Bolster Rufiyaa Against Dollar, Says Minister

Minister of Economic Development and Trade Mohamed Saeed, has disclosed a series of initiatives aimed at securing the value of the Maldivian...

Documentation Required for Individuals Carrying More Than USD 10k

Minister of Homeland Security and Technology Ali Ihusaan has revealed regulations mandating individuals carrying over USD 10,000 abroad to provide documentation on...

Transport Ministry to Restart Domain Tender Process

Minister of Transport and Civil Aviation Mohamed Ameen announced that the government plans to restart selling domains through a tender process, highlighting...

Development Bank of Maldives to Commence Services in July

The Economic Minister, Mohamed Saeed, announced yesterday that the Development Bank of Maldives will commence operations in July.
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