Parliament Passes to Terminate the Agreement of Unused Agriculture Lands

A report was submitted to the decentralization committee to terminate the agreement and take back islands that are not being used for agriculture. The report has been passed by the committee.

The decentralization committee passed the report with 54 votes.

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According to the report presented by the decentralized committee, they have passed to take back islands which are not used for agricultural use even though the State has given the islands for farming. The committee has also assured that the islands will be taken back after thorough check whether the island is being used for farming or not.

In addition to that, they have noted that the Ministry of Fisheries and Agriculture will terminate the contract of those who are not using the land for agricultural purposes. Also, LGA and Councils should monitor the islands to ensure that Maldivians are in-charge of farming.

It also states that the State will be leasing uninhabited for a short period of time to farmers with space limitation problems. For these cases, islands will be leased for more than one farmer.

Apart from the decentralization committee, Environment and Climate change committee, Petition committee, and Judiciary committee have also passed reports submitted to the respective committee.

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