Planning Minister states Maldivians need to consider the Option of Building Houses over Lagoons

Minister of National Planning and Infrastructure Mohamed Aslam stated that Maldivians need to consider the option of building houses over lagoons.

The idea was expressed during a discussion carried out in the Parliament of Maldives regarding the construction of causeway between Veymandoo and Kinbidhoo of Thaa Atoll.

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Minister states that the initial design needs to be modified. He furthermore added that the causeway will cost over USD 45.3 million to built with piers and that it was not feasible to reclaim the causeway by filling the reef with sand as it is harmful to the environment.

In regard to this, Minister Aslam expressed his belief in a waterway between Kinbindhoo and Veymandoo in opposed to a causeway. This would be more environmentally and economically feasible.

Many land reclamation and harbor construction projects have been concluded in the past which has negative effects on the environment.

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