President inaugurates ‘Dr N.D. Abdulla Abdul Hakeem Ophthalmology Centre’

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih has inaugurated “Dr N.D. Abdulla Abdul Hakeem Ophthalmology Centre”, named after the first Maldivian Ophthalmologist. The centre was inaugurated at a special function held in Hulhumale’ Hospital last evening.

The centre was established with generous support from the Chinese Government to strengthen the ophthalmic services given in the Maldives. Medical equipment, medicine and medical consumables worth more than 11.1 million Maldivian Rufiyaa was donated by the Chinese Government to establish this centre under the signed agreement in July 2019. The ophthalmic centre will provide sophisticated ophthalmic services and deliver treatment for complicated eye conditions.

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In addition, China will provide training opportunities for Maldivian doctors, nurses and other health professionals in this area, who will be working at the ophthalmology centre along with Chinese ophthalmologists and nurses.

Prior to the opening of Dr N.D. Adulla Abdul Hakeem Ophthalmic Centre, an eye camp was conducted from 8th to 11th January 2020 at Hulhumale’ Hospital with assistance from Zongshan Ophthalmic Centre and the Chinese Government. More than 521 patients’ eyes were screened during the camp, and 74 eye operations were conducted. Caract, pterygium, Chalazion, Yag, IVI and Lens surgeries were the main types of procedures conducted at this camp.

The Chinese government has supported the conduction of similar eye camps in the Maldives in 2015 and 2017 through the Bright Journey project. More than 1000 patients were screened and 186 cataract surgeries were conducted during these two camps. Medical equipment worth more than 9.2 million Rufiyaa was donated by the Government of the People’s China as a part of these camps.

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