President Solih Constitutes ‘Villingili Social Service Centre’

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih on Monday constituted the “Villingili Social Service Centre” under the Ministry of Gender, Family, and Social Services. This announcement was made in the 2023/03 number directive issued by the President’s Office.

The President constituted the Villingili Social Service Centre to streamline social protection efforts in the Malé region. This Centre is mandated to provide temporary protection for those in need in the Malé region. It will also plan and implement social security for Villingili residents and conduct awareness programmes.

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The President additionally instructed the social service centres for the elderly or “Israhvehinge Ijthimaaee Marukazuthah” to be included under the mandate of the Ministry of Gender, Family, and Social Services. This was done to broaden the role of the elderly within the community and provide them a social support plan. These centres will also conduct programmes to ensure their health along with organising sports and recreational activities suitable for the elderly.

The President also abolished the “Kudakudhinge Hiyaa”, “Amaan Hiyaa”, and the “Thauleemaai Masahkaiy Ungannaidhey Kudakudhinge Marukazu”, as other arrangements have been made to carry on the work previously carried out by these institutions.

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